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Precision Machining, Rapid Prototyping, Engineering & Design

High Precision Machining

Precision machining is the mainstay of Creative Products.


See the equipment list for a description of the machines and software used to manufacture high precision components.




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Precision Machine Shop

with Rapid Prototyping, Engineering & Design


Creative Products is a precision machine shop equipped   with the latest in CNC technology and a wealth of machinist experience. The CNC mills and CNC lathe produce superior quality components with high precision and attractive appearances. See the equipment list on the Services page for a complete list of machines and software.


The Rapid Prototyping capabilities provide another avenue to manufacture prototypes. The FDM3000 is able to create assembled, moveable and fully functional plastic models for less money and less time than with traditional methods.


The in-house engineering capabilities provide design and CAD services including: Engineering Design, Solid Modeling, Drafting, FEA, Assembly Analysis and Reverse Engineering.



Haas Super VF2 CNC Vertical Mill

Haas SL10 CNC Lathe

FDM3000 Rapid Prototype


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